Vehicle Transportation Now Made Easier

For every establishment dealing with goods and services, the prices for their product is usually provided as first hand in the advertisement. However, when it comes to the shipping of vehicles, before the year 2004, the price was determined according to the person asking for the service. This was not entirely fair as the transport brokers would tailor the price with biasness according to the person’s profile found in the personal information they were required to provide first. In 2004, certain organizations developed a program called the car shipping quotes calculator which sought to answer the one question in many people’s minds which is how much it costs to ship a car.

The transport quotes calculator is a program found that produces shipping rates that are accurate to any client who seeks the information. The program is found online to allow access to all of the 48 states in the United States of America whose residents can use the service. In addition to calculating and providing accurate rates, the service also allows for the client to cancel their order for picking up a vehicle and receive a full refund of their deposit if they have changed their minds about shipping.

There are a number of quotes provided by the calculator. Each rate is determined by the urgency in which a person wants to transport their vehicle. Usually, it takes around one to seven days to ship a car depending on the position you are on the waiting list. The first rate is the rate for car transportation. This rate offers clients affordable prices for shipping their vehicles. Many with a tight budget do not mind the wait. Those in a hurry to ship their cars are also catered for as they are provided with the expedited rate which is the second rate. This rate costs more by a hundred dollars but guarantees quick delivery. Individuals taking this rate get the chance to have their vehicles transported before those taking on the normal rate. The fastest option, however, is the rush rate which costs a hundred dollars more than the expedited rate but is worth every penny. This rate places the client at the top of the waiting list for shipping.

All these rates give different types of clients the options to choose from depending on their needs and budget. The season also influences the kind of rate one may choose. There are busy seasons like during holidays and the summer period. On such days as well as to people from remote areas, there tends to be seasonal car transport traffic which may delay the shipping process.

The car transport quotes calculator is a sophisticated program with mathematical complexity that only one company has been able to crack so far as much as many have tried. To stay spot on, the founders of the calculator have kept up with the market and trends making it possible to discern the needs of the clients and provide them to the fullest.

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