Car Repairs To Complete Before Summer Ends

In the summertime, everything feels so much easier and it’s nice to just kick back and do nothing. Before you get too comfortable, remember that winter always returns and if you’re putting off any nagging car repairs, now is the time to get them taken care of. Here are four perfect examples of car repairs you want completed before cold weather returns.

New Tires

When the season’s first snowstorm is bearing down, that’s not the time to realize you need new tires. While the weather is still nice, have your tires inspected and replaced. You’ll be glad you took care of it early when winter arrives and repair shops become mobbed with people that waited too long.

Brake Repair

If your brakes sound like they’re grinding, or you’re not stopping as quickly as you should, get them looked at now before your car becomes too dangerous to drive. Calling for auto repair Mountlake Terrace WA for a brake job now will make winter driving easier when slippery roads have you covering your brake more often.

Heating System

There’s nothing as unpleasant as heading out on a bitter morning only to realize you have no heat. Before winter rears its ugly head, ask your mechanic to check your heating and cooling system. Fixing any problems early on will keep you toasty when the mercury dips.

Battery Check

If your car seems to start slower than normal, or you’ve had to have it jump-started, a dying battery is the likely culprit. Have your battery checked over and switched out before fall. While they’re under the hood, get your antifreeze and other fluid levels checked and topped off.

Be Proactive

It’s always good to fix car problems as soon as they happen, but when they could cause you trouble during winter, it’s important to be proactive. Tires, brakes, heat and your battery are all things you can’t be without, so having them repaired now will keep you ahead of the storm.

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