You Should Drive a 2018 Ford F-150

Many feel that it is important to have a pick up truck in every family. This means having access to using the truck whenever you need it. The purpose of a truck varies from moving furniture to pulling a boat to hauling items around that cannot fit into a regular sized vehicle. Indeed the evolution of trucks have expanded from its design but it has never lost sight of its original purpose. Ford Motor Company have done this for several years and competes with other car manufacturers to create the best truck for consumers. It has provided the public a series of trucks to fit the needs of every person who buys it.

In the early 1900s, it wasn’t common to see an open bed frame attached to a half car. This is the vision you get when you think of a pickup truck. You want to be able to drive a car and haul something in the back of it at the same time. You’re not able to fit it into your vehicle so you must have a way to get these items to your chosen destination. A pickup truck is suddenly born to be the answer to your problems! It can hold several pounds of things one could never think of carrying nor putting into a small car. Bucket vehicles were popular in those days and practically impossible to put anything more than groceries, people or clothes into it.

Vehicles were created as a chassis and was often added onto the body for the purpose of a particular customer. The Ford Model T was slightly modified in 1913 by the Galion Allsteel Body Company with built-in hauling boxes. This became a game changer for so many reasons and the look was incredible. Nothing like this had ever been done before, sold for $281 and marketed as Ford’s Pickup Body. Production for personal vehicles were put on a short pause due to World War II and the government’s need for trucks to be manufactured for the military. Many car companies followed Ford’s footprint in the 1950s and began to create their own pickup trucks.

The Ford F-150 has never stopped short of bringing quality to the consumer. It has set a standard among the pickup truck world and hasn’t ceased to being the best selling vehicle in America since 1977. Although the F series was established in 1947, the F-150 was introduced in 1975 in between the F 100 and F 250. Traveling in cold and snowy areas like OH, this awesome truck could do the job better than most. Now moving forward, the 2018 New Ford F 150 Cincinnati OH is still America’s best pickup truck.

With an average cost of about $27,000, their standards are continuing to be raised with the amount of awards it has under its belt. The surprising capability it has to hold heavy weight. Being able to pull whatever you need says so much on its own.

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