What Kind of Work Truck Do You Need for the Job?

When choosing a work truck for your needs there are many different factors to take into account. Many people base their opinions on their visual preferences but having a flashy vehicle won’t do much on a work site. Deciding what you need in your work trucks st cloud mn should be focused on practicality as opposed to appearance.

Do You Need 4-Wheel Drive

Depending on what kind of terrain and jobs you will be doing with your truck will determine whether you need 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive. Many people assume that they will need a 4-wheel drive truck for their work purposes, but this isn’t necessarily true as it doesn’t always make much of a difference in their towing capabilities. If the type of work you will be using your truck for involves hazardous terrain that will be slippery or off-road a 4-wheel drive truck may the best decision.

If you won’t be taking your work truck off of the beaten path, it might be a better idea to purchase a 2-wheel drive truck as it can achieve much better gas mileage. If you will be hauling large items like boats or construction equipment, you may want to consider purchasing a truck with 4 wheels in the back known as a “dually” as they can greatly improve handling. While this may not be a large concern in dry conditions, they can improve handling during the rain which can prevent issues like hydroplaning.

What Kind of Cab?

These days you may find difficulty finding a truck without an extended cab. An extended cab allows for the transportation of more passengers which can save on gas as you will not have to use as many vehicles to go to a worksite. While they may be difficult to find, if handling is an issue you may want to consider looking into traditional cabs as the few extra feet in length can make a significant difference.

In some cases, the extended cab length is made up for by shortening the bed of the truck which can greatly reduce the hauling capabilities of the vehicle. If the truck bed is not shortened it can make parking a hassle are most spots are not designed for the extra length or exte4nded wheelbase that sometimes comes with extended cabs. Shortened beds can usually handle the majority of loads that people are transporting, but they do require additional effort when it comes to securing things like equipment of ATV’s.

What Kind of Payload and Towing Capacity?

One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a work truck is what kind of weight they can handle. Typically, trucks are divided into light, medium, and heavy-duty based on what kind of weight they were designed to take. While a light-duty truck typically can tow up to 10,000 pounds, a heavy-duty can do a lot more. When trying to tow or haul a load that is on the upper edges of the weight limit gas mileage takes a serious hit and, in some cases, cannot handle the job at all.

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