Truck GPS: Which is the best? 

If you are looking to buy a truck GPS the first thing to understand is that it is not about buying a standard GPS navigator. There are indeed many differences between the devices used for motor vehicle owners and those made specifically for commercial vehicles.

GPS for trucks

Compared to typical motor vehicles, trucks have different navigation difficulties than cars and needs that traditional devices do not provide.

If you are owner of truck, you know you have special needs and unique challenges when it comes to navigation. So it is important to use a GPS device that work is reliable, saves you fuel and helps you to avoid fines. provides you with a complete and unbiased analysis on truck GPS available on the market today. Rather than telling you which one is the best we have made some reviews to explain the features and advantages of a browser over another.

Before you start exploring these options, check if they are legal. Some states in fact have restrictions on where the device can be mounted, so as not to obstruct the view and the size of the screen. For Italy, those selected devices do not have problems, but if you travel internationally, pay attention to local laws.

Garmin Dezl 770LMT-D Europe

It is GPS navigator for heavy vehicles. The new Garmin Dezl 570 and 770 truck navigators are equipped with detailed maps of Europe including truck-related limitations such as bridge heights, tight curves, weight limits and more, as well as main roads and motorways. Enter information about your vehicle profile (customizable based on height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials) and find the most suitable routes for heavy vehicles, based on size, weight and load transported.

TomTom Trucker 600

TomTom Trucker 600 is a dashboard GPS system optimized for the needs of the road transport sector. Specifically, unlike a standard GPS, it includes and tracks critical information regarding road height, overpass height, and commercial accounting restrictions. This allows truck drivers to plan not only their route, but to do so without being inadvertently directed through areas where their vehicle is not allowed, does not fit, or that nevertheless presents an optimal route for a large commercial vehicle.

With the purchase of the navigator you also have:

  • Access without time limits to truck maps
  • Display of routes dedicated to trucks
  • TomTom Traffic and Safety Camera for 1 year
  • Services through SIM card without additional costs

COBRA Truckmate C8500

The Cobra Truckmate C8500 GPS is a traditional GPS system optimized for truck drivers needs. Unlike other systems that depend on a constant internet connection to work, the Truckmate GPS uses an offline map system stored in combination with GPS satellites to optimize a route.

The GPS includes:

  • 7″ LCD display
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Complete European mapping
  • Free maps updates for life
  • Compatible tire pressure monitoring

Telogis navigation on Android

This system is a bit different. It’s basically a trucker navigation software that will run on an Android tablet or phone. It is a real online community. The community-supporting site has more than 140,000 drivers contributing to updates by tracking and other map suggestions. It is a hybrid navigation solution, which uses both the device and the Internet to calculate the best routes.

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