Tata Nexon: All You Need to Know

After the launch of Tata Nexon last year during the festive occasion in the country, it has been in the news for quite some time. Also, the Nexon has made its entry in the top 5 models of the SUV in the country, now that’s something really cool and interesting, isn’t it? We need to take a depth look into the features and specifications of this 4 wheeler that has been creating such an enthusiasm between the car buyers and also is a tough competition to all the other top models of the SUV.

Considering the features of the Tata Nexon, we know that it has three drive modes which include – Eco, City and Sport and as we all already know Tata Nexon is the first compact SUV from the company of Tata. The key features of this vehicle include front power windows, bottle holders that are available on all the doors and the signatures LED tail lights.

The features and specifications of Tata Nexon:

The Nexon offers a seating capacity for 5, along with 5 doors. The dimensions of the four-wheeler are 3994 mm, 1811 mm and 1607 mm as the length, width and height of the vehicle respectively. Also, it offers a fuel capacity of 44 litres. The diesel engine of this four-wheeler provides a mileage of 23.97 km/litre. It consists of two airbags, which include the driver frontal airbag and the front passenger frontal airbag. Apart from this it also has a wheelbase of 2498 mm. it also offers a grand console in the centre, which has a sliding door, which again provides you with some great storage for your essentials.

What are the comfort features of the Nexon?

The rear seats of the foldable armrest provide comfort for the travellers in the back seat. It also has a storage which can hold two cups. This vehicle also has an automatic climate control, which proves to be cooler than the rest. The temperature of the cabin is automatically maintained. It also consists of the rear air vents, also the voice and the remote of the smartphone is controlled. It also has a seating arrangement that is flexible with a seat split and a full flat fold option. In this way, you can even store more and travel to the fullest with your friends and family!

The infotainment system of the Tata Nexon consists of an 8 speaker system, which takes into consideration the volume of the cabin, reflection of the sound and an absorption that will provide you with a true acoustic experience. It also has the feature of the voice-based warnings, for the functions of the car which will make sure that you always have a safe drive on the road in your comfortable and stylish Nexon. You will get a Parking brake release alert, opening of the door warning, reminder for the seatbelt, another warning in case you are running low on fuel and so much more!

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