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The James Bond series of movies has a passionate following, and appeals to those that love action and adventure. James Bond is a British Secret Service agent, who is assigned missions by his employer. The storyline centres on him overcoming the challenges he encounters to achieve his mission.

The main character is James Bond – Agent 007. The series of films is based on the novels penned by Ian Fleming in 1952. The first film adaption was made in 1962, and since then 26 different films have been produced.

The James Bond role is highly coveted and many famous leads have filled the shoes of Agent 007. The most recent leading man has been Daniel Craig who took the role on from Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig has starred in Bond films Casino Royale, Quantam of Solace and Skyfall. Skyfall was released in 2012, and is the highest earning film of the Bond series and also the 15th highest grossing film of all time.

In 2015, the latest Bond film was released – Spectre – which has been popular, but not in comparison to the major hit of Skyfall.

The character of James Bond, is a confident, handsome and authorities secret agent in his late 30s or 40s. He is known for his incredible accuracy with a gun as a marksman, and his ability to fight the villains with or without weapons. He is also a strong sportsman, accomplished at skiing, golf and swimming.

The Bond character will kill when necessary, and as a means to removing the barriers to achieve his goals.

The film always features a stunning ‘Bond girl’ who is both the sidekick and love interest of James Bond. These girls are glamorous and sophisticated. These leading ladies have included Naomie Harris, Halle Berry, Eva Green, Denise Richards and Michelle Yeo.

Daniel Craig will soon return in the next Bond movie. It is being Directed by Danny Boyle and the release date is not yet confirmed but rumoured to be around Nov 2019. The film will be the 25th in the series and is believed to be based on the 1999 book Never Dream of Dying by US author Raymond Benson.

The best part of Bond films is that there are so many to get through – 26 in fact, with number 27 on the way. Find your pick at the free-to-watch website, Free James Bond Movie Online HD Online | James Bond Classics Watch Free Online‎‎.

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