What to Know About Painting Your Car

We all want our cars to look and be in the best shape. Taking on the task of painting our car ourselves can bring about certain challenges we may not expect. It’s not impossible to do this as many have been quite successful in their own efforts. If you are thinking about painting your car, then there are a few things to consider before you paint.


Clearly, you can take it to a professional and they can have it done within days. However, that will cost you and it may not be in your budget to shell out the dollars. Most car painting cost can go from $600 to $2,000, if not more. It really comes down to how much you need to paint. You might only need to do a slight touch up in one area. Yet, that may not work and you may have to paint the entire car, which could cost you even more. Painting car professionals state that there are four types of painting jobs: The Basic, a preferred paint job, a premium paint job, and the platinum job

What Types To Use?

Here are three to consider:

Acrylic paint – This is the easiest to apply and will leave a glossy kind of finish.
However, it doesn’t last as long as one might hope. Metallic paint – This is mostly found on sports cars giving them a snazzy look that often hides most scratches. It can also be a bit hard to repair as well. Urethane paint – It’s sprayed on and will dry fast leaving it to be extremely durable. This is a bit high tech and you will need to wear protection glasses, a respirator and a suit. You could find more info at pfsspraybooths.com.

Issues to be Aware of

Going all in and trying to paint your own car is never without some issues. When you do the overall paint job it’s possible to find a bit of discoloration and maybe even some spotting. Our cars are always coming in contact with the natural world of contaminants. This can be bird poop, tar from the road and rain. Cracking of the paint can also be serious issues. Most times this happens because you have applied the paint to thick due to the undercoat. You may also experience chipping on your paint also. This can be normal as we drive throughout the city and on highways with rocks and debris hitting the exterior.

Consider a Professional

You might want to simply leave the painting job to the professionals. We all would like to save some money, but you might be doing more harm than good. Professionals have all the right and correct tools to use on your car. Further, they have the proper qualifications and can even give you bit of an education about painting a car in general. If you are concerned about money, then take the time to do little research to see which painting professional works with your budget.


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