Top 3 Car Care Tips for Your Teen

So, your teenage driver is finally licensed and ready to go. Any last words of wisdom before they head out on the road for their first solo drive? Here are the three most important car care tips for you to share with your new driver when they’re just starting out to keep them safe on the road.

Checking Your Fluids

Cars can’t run without oil and gas, and engine fluids eventually need to be replaced, especially in that old, beat-up car your teen is using for practice. Show them how to monitor their check engine light and teach them to fill up a gas tank before the last ten miles. If your teen has a smartphone, teaching them how to find help when they need it by searching the internet for the “best brake service near me” can help them find the professional help they need to check and replace their brake fluid, giving them the know-how they need to be responsible car owners in the future.

Monitoring Your Tires

Right now, your teen is probably so excited about driving the car that they’re not really thinking past the steering wheel. Make sure they know how to check their other four wheels to find out when they need replacing. Safety is key on the road, and you definitely don’t want your young driver hydroplaning during a summer storm because they didn’t notice their tires were way worn down. While you’re at it, this is also a great time to have a conversation about tire rotation, as well as what to do when they have a flat tire. Keep in mind that you won’t always be within reach during an emergency, so making sure that their car is stocked with an emergency kit and tire jacks.

Replacing Your Battery

If you’ve ever had the experience of turning your key over just to hear the sputter of a dead battery, you know the panic that can set in when you don’t really know the problem. By making your teen aware of what runs the battery down, like leaving the lights or radio on while the car is parked, you can help them keep their battery healthy and prepare them for when and how to jumpstart their car. Who knows? They might even be able to use this information to help someone else one day.

To give your kids the best chance at being responsible drivers, it’s important for you to know how to maintain your car and pass that information along to them. They may roll their eyes at you know, but their young adult selves will thank you in the future.

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