Tips for renting the best car for your wedding

The day of your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life and all your illusion will be put in that everything goes to perfection. There are many details that you have to close well in advance so that the celebration is a success. These details include church or town hall, banquet, photo shoot, hairdressing and makeup, wedding dress, bouquet of flowers and trip of the newlyweds. In this Long list, don’t miss the rental of the bridal car for this appointed day. Choosing a good bridal car rental company like is essential so that everything is perfect on your wedding day.

Hiring a car service for weddings has many advantages and in this article we are going to detail some tips to keep in mind when planning a bridal car rental for your wedding.

It is highly recommended to get down to work as soon as you have an arranged wedding date. The sooner you start closing things much better so that we can have plenty of time in case any unforeseen event arises. Thus we will have reaction time and be able to carry out an alternative plan that, in case of not having enough time, would not be possible.

Request a quote

Once you have the date of the wedding, ask for several quotes. Contact different car rental companies with driver for weddings and request prices and rates for their services to be able to compare. To give you a specific budget you must give them the route that the vehicle will have to make in detail. Find out very well if the price of floral decoration of the car with driver is included in the budget that you give or go separately. It is important that there are no last minute surprises that affect the wedding.

You should also close with the company if you need the vehicle to move more people, not just the couple.

The following advice we give you is that you must choose the model of the car you want to take at your wedding. You should know that there are rental of classic, old cars, high-end and luxury cars, minibuses, limousines, vans etc. Depending on your needs, you can hire a service. It is advisable to ensure that the car you rent has licenses and permits to drive on public roads. A type of vehicle that is frequently rented at weddings and very popular with the bride and groom is the modern Mercedes S Class Limousine car.

It is important that the rear of the vehicle is wide. You know that the bride’s dress is very voluminous and you have to try not to wrinkle. It also needs to be high so that the bride’s pickup does not hit when entering or leaving the car. They are small tips that will be very practical and you will appreciate the day of your wedding.

According to the protocol, the bridal vehicle must go to pick up the bride at the agreed place and must always be parked as close to the door as possible to avoid unnecessary displacements of the bride. This will also reduce the negative effects caused by possible inclement weather such as rain or wind.

You should know that the passenger seat should always be unoccupied. The driver is a professional driver and never has a companion. In some wedding car rental companies you can also choose a driver. All of them have training and experience, and specific knowledge of protocol and ceremonies. Choose the driver that best suits the style of your wedding, type of guests and model of the vehicle.

We recommend that you make the contract six months in advance and when you sign it confirms that all the data are correct: itinerary, date, time and model of the car. Although there is some last minute modification, it is important to have everything tied in advance. There are companies that pay discounts in advance.

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