Tips for choosing your driving school

Choosing your driving school or that of your child is a determining factor in the success of the mandatory SAAQ test. The supply varies greatly from one school to another and the quality of teaching is often related to the cost of your training. In order to make an informed choice, Traffic School presents you some criteria to check before choosing your future driving school.

Accreditation of the school and trainers

First, make sure your driving school and the trainers are accredited by the Quebec Transportation Association. This organization accredits schools that have the right to offer the compulsory course leading to a driver’s license. Do not hesitate to ask to see the certificate of recognition of the school or the accreditation card to your trainer.

The cost of your training

Be aware that the Ministry of Transport caps the price of the driving course at $ 825. Beyond this price, the driving school contravenes the law. You still need to add tuition fees and taxes. There is, however, no floor price. Thus it is possible to find an offer under this price, but be careful to check the quality of the teaching. Also check the comfort of classrooms, that there are no hidden fees, that teachers are accredited and that the vehicles are of good quality.

The quality of training

Compulsory training includes 24 hours of theory and 15 hours of practice on the road. In addition to this base, some schools also offer access to a driving simulator that offers you a transition between theory and practices on the road as well as the ability to test your skill in difficult conditions. The experience of trainers and instructors is also an important criterion for judging the quality of training.

The type of cars used

Before you go ahead with a driving school, find out what type of vehicle you will be offered for your on-road practice sessions. In addition to choosing between a vehicles with automatic or manual transmission, you can also choose between a hybrid cars, electric or gas. The vehicle format also varies between driving schools. It may be interesting to try both a sport utility vehicle and a subcompact car during your various practical classes.

In the end, before choosing a driving school, do your checks and make sure that the driving course will meet your needs. Remember that the quality of training is the best tool for obtaining a driver’s license!


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