Tips for Car Radio Repairs

For my son’s 16th birthday, I wanted to get him the perfect gift. Something sentimental and of great value that he could appreciate for years to come. Thinking back to when I was his age, I imagined what I would have wanted the most. As I drew the memory in mind, I could see the car of my dreams. As if a lightbulb when off in my head, I grabbed my laptop to start researching the perfect car for my son.

I found the most perfect car for my son, or so I thought, in a local ad posting. The car was great on gas and mileage, had the least amount of wear and tear, had no serious issues, and was within the budget I was anticipating. Although it wasn’t brand new, it was a pretty decent car. A car I would have gladly ridden around in at his age. However, on his birthday I led him, blindfolded, outside to see the gift I had worked so hard to find.

Radio Problems

My mouth dropped in awe when I saw his face change into a questionable smirk. I could tell he didn’t really like the car that I had chosen, but I pushed him into the driver seat to give it a try. The two of us headed down the street, and as I turned up the sound on the radio, I instantly knew it was a mistake. A loud screeching sound boomed out of the speakers filling the car with an unforgivable noise. My son looked over at me with his face frowned up, as if screaming on the inside about how embarrassed he was. I cut the radio back off and we rode the rest of the way home in silence. We pulled in front of the house, and as he parked, I promised to fix the car up, starting with the sounds of death screeching radio.

I started by conducting some research on the matter. Initially I was searching for professional assistance with the project. There was an abundance of companies offering their services; including manufacturing companies like Toyota, Hyundai, and GM factory radio repair. I then called a few to request quotes on the project. After finding several feasible options, I decided to go back to research more information. This time I researched the radio repair process. Several videos populated showing viewers how to remove and repair a radio. On one hand I imagined the money I could save if I tackled the project on my own, but on the other hand my lack of expertise on car repair could add further damage to the radio and the vehicle.

Professional Repair Services

Through careful consideration I had decided it was best to get the radio repair done professionally. By hiring a professional I was guaranteed quality work, the price wasn’t too far off, and the process was simple and easy. Afterwards, my son and I went on the same drive around the block, only this time we were blasting one of his favorite jams. I smiled as he quoted the lyrics word for word dancing in his seat.

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