Spray Booth- Best Way to Paint Your Car!

Long gone are the days of having only three colors to choose from when you purchase a vehicle: white, black and grey. Thank goodness for other colors being produced from car manufacturers like reds, blues, greens etc. But the colors in between we don’t always get to see on a car lot so that leaves us to have it painted in the shade we prefer best. There are many places one can go to have your vehicle painted- sometimes it takes a long time, depending on the technique they use. This is where a spray booth comes into play. It is a trailer like box where your car goes into to be painted with little effort. The results are awesome which makes the owner happy.

There are benefits of having a spray booth in a mechanic shop compared to a manually spraying the body of the vehicle. The cleanup process is much easier when paint booths are used. Dust and debris from an outside environment can make your hard work tougher than it should be, making cleanup a real pain! With a closed in booth, that is no longer an issue. Fumes and particles from the chemicals being used causes a multitude of health problems for those working closely with it. The booth provides a filter which eliminates all of that from occurring. This booth saves about 65% of operational costs and that is music to the ears of all shop owners! It makes a difference of being a market leader of body painters in your area.

Many may feel that the cost of a spray booth for vehicles are very expensive. Although you can finance a booth for a period of time, there are other alternatives to this dilemma. Some people with time on their hands sometimes build their own booth in the comfort of the property of their home. A garage would be for everyone to enter and exit so having fumes linger around and possibly enter the home is definitely not an option! Others have simply rented a booth, yes rent one! Some auto shops will allow you to use theirs for about $100 dollars, sometimes less depending on who you ask. Call shops in your area or drive around to see who will let you paint your vehicle in their booth.

Knowing your vehicle will be the color you want is very exciting. How you were able to get it painted is totally up to you. Not many people have the time to paint their own cars so they easily send it to a paint shop to have it done for them. I commend those who take the time to do so but having a booth to filter out harsh smells and have an even coating of fresh paint seems like the way to go. Technology has provided us with options to get this done efficiently without harming anyone in the process. Do some research and get your vehicle the color you want today!

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