Know More About Car’s Engine Malfunctions

What happens when your car suddenly stops working? Is it something serious or just a minor problem? How should you handle such situations?

Car problems are common and they can happen at any time. If you don’t know what to do when your car breaks down, then you might want to read this article.

Car troubleshooting is important because it helps you identify potential issues before they become major problems. This way, you’ll save time, money and regarding the value of your car you can keep the estimated price without a big change. In case of car trouble, the initial step to take is to get help from experts who have dealt with similar problems in the past. They will be able to guide you through diagnosing possible causes and finding ways to fix them.

A car’s engine has several parts that interact together. When one part fails, other components may stop functioning properly. An engine malfunction can be caused by excessive oil consumption, overheating, an air leak, a faulty ignition system, and many more things. Here, we’re going to discuss three most common reasons why your car’s engine won’t start.

1-Excessive Oil Consumption There are two types of lubricants: full synthetic and conventional. Synthetic oil usually requires less maintenance than conventional lubricant and so, it’s recommended for cars which have a high mileage. However, your car needs regular oil changes even if it looks fine. If you’ve been driving your vehicle for five years without changing its oil, then your engine may require some servicing. The best place to change oil is the service center. Experts there use tools like gauges to measure the level of lubrication.

2-Overheated Your car overheats if it runs on hot exhaust fumes, and also if it has not enough ventilation. You need to check the condition of all air vents as well as the radiator. Remove the bonnet and look inside the engine compartment to find out if there is sufficient space between the fan blades and the radiator. Try to clean the area around the fans. Also take care of the windscreen wiper blades – if these aren’t clean, then they could clog up and affect airflow over the radiator. If your car does not run after cleaning the air vents, then it’s better to leave it somewhere warm until the problem gets solved.

3-Air Leak A simple solution sometimes works. Simply remove the hood of your car and open it. Check if the air comes out easily. Then close it again. Try to repeat this process 10 times a day for about 5 days. That should solve the issue. If your engine still doesn’t work after doing this, then you need professional assistance. If you see bubbles coming out from under the front bumper of your car, then you probably have water trapped in your engine. It shouldn’t last long though, depending on how much damage your car has received.

There are several steps to follow when you encounter problems with your car. If you notice a problem right away, you have a chance of fixing it yourself. But if you wait till the problem becomes worse, it means that you’re running out of time. Some people keep their car at home and try to resolve the issue themselves instead of taking it to the garage. This leads to a lot of aggravation since they lack experience solving problems like yours.

So, to prevent unnecessary stress from ruining your day, it would be best to contact a mechanic and let him deal with the matter.

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