4 Classic Car Show Tips

Having a classic car that can be taken around the country and admired at car shows can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. The car owner will get to show off their vehicle, check out other beautiful cars and meet interesting people. It is a good idea to prepare beforehand to ensure that nothing important is left behind so that the day can be fully enjoyed.

1. Arrange Transportation

While most people do not mind driving their car to local shows, they may not want to put that many miles on the car by driving it to different locations across the country. It may be a good idea to find a way to safely and quickly transport the vehicle from place to place. Whether the car is moved using a company that specializes in auto shipping nationwide or the owner decides to use a trailer and tow the car behind another car, it is important to consider the options before committing to an appearance.

2. Detail the Vehicle

Part of the fun for people who go to car shows is admiring the shiny paint jobs and sparkling clean vehicle interiors. Either have the car detailed by a professional or get the proper supplies to take care of it at home before the show.

3. Pack Supplies

Things can happen while out at a show, so it is best to be prepared. Bring soft cloths and basic cleaning supplies to clean up any spots or smudges that the car may accumulate as the day wears on. Check the rims and tires to make sure they are cleaned up from the drive over and shine them as needed. If the car has been driven to the show, then bring some extra fluids in case any leaks pop up.

4. Bring Refreshments

Even short car shows can last for hours, so bring along plenty of water and food to get through the day. This is especially important when sitting outside all day during the summer. Even people who manage to park under a shady tree or sit under a tent will feel the heat and can become dehydrated quickly. Always bring a cooler with more than it is thought will be needed to be on the safe side.

Sitting outside and interacting with fellow car lovers for hours can be a great way to spend the day. Make a checklist of everything that will be needed to prevent anything from accidentally being left behind and the event should go smoothly.

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