Winch Way Is Forward

We would all love to have that super-human strength, which would allow us all to move vast weights, but in reality all we can do is rely on the assistance of very powerful mechanical devices, which often come in the form of large hoists to lift loads, and heavy winches to haul them.

The winch, in essence, is a very simple piece of kit. Basically consisting of a drum, with a spool of rope which is powered by a motor, and these can be either electrically, or hydraulically driven. The rope can be of a wire/steel, or synthetic design. Wire and steel ropes are highly durable and are relatively easy to maintain, which is essential, as they are liable to rust quite considerably over time. This type of winch is ideal for anybody who encounters difficult driving terrains such as: mud, sand and uneven rocky surfaces. The synthetic version is lighter, more flexible and as a consequence, easier to operate and therefore, a little safer. They do however, require much greater after-care, as they are prone to react to chemical exposure, excessive heat and general abrasion.

Many winching accidents are as a direct result of the owner or operator, not being correctly prepared to use the equipment. They are not something that many people will use very often and because of this, the temptation may be to cut costs with regards to pulling capabilities. However, in the case of a winch, bigger is definitely better. The industry standard recommends that your winch is able to pull, at the very least, one and a half times the weight of your vehicle; although for added safety and peace of mind, purchasing one that has even greater capacity than that, would always be a sensible choice.

Consideration towards mounting the winch is a vitally important part of the process and the most favoured options are: bumper mounting, multi-mounting and winch bumper. The bumper mounting is probably the easiest to install and carries with it the greatest versatility. The multi-mount option offers a little more security, but it is the winch bumper which is probably emerging as the most popular, due to its aesthetically pleasing nature, which enables them to really appear as though they are genuinely part of an individuals vehicle, whilst also adding protection to its front portion.

The actual procedure itself is relatively straightforward. Before starting always put on a pair of hardy gloves, especially with an electrically driven device, as without them there is a strong chance of cuts and friction burns. Then the remote control needs to be plugged into the winch itself. After locating a suitable anchor point, the winch cable can then be released. Any passengers, or onlookers need to stand back to a safe distance before engaging the control system and allow the vehicle to be slowly winched to a more solid, stable ground. Once secure, the cable can be unhooked and re-winded, before unplugging from the remote.

The heavier a vehicle requiring assistance is, then naturally the heavier the winching equipment that will be needed. Heavy winches are available for the likes of farming and/or construction vehicles. A heavy duty winch not only is crucial to these types of industries, but crucially they can act as extremely valuable insurance policies. Guarding against potentially damaging loss of income, through inactivity of a vital piece of plant or machinery.

The ideal provider is Super Power Winch, who have the largest range in the UK, hauling loads from just 1000lb right up to 50,000lb, for a whole host of purposes and situations. They are industry specialists with over 30 years expertise and experience, shipping all around the globe. Visit to learn more and find the right solution.

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