Which Dog Is the Best Companion for a Trucker?

Driving across America delivering goods by truck can be a very rewarding career, but sometimes it can get lonely. For days and even weeks at a time, it’s just you and the open road. You will certainly meet people when you stop, but all that driving alone can wear a person down. Why not have a dog along to share in your adventures? Here are a few things to consider when thinking about getting a dog to bring with you as your co-pilot. 

Cleanliness Is a Virtue

Many of the truck driving jobs hauling grain and other things don’t allow pets in the cab with you. The reason is that a dog can make the truck smell like a kennel, and it’s difficult to clean up for the next driver to take the truck. When choosing a dog, you may want to consider a breed that is known for not shedding much, like a bulldog or a poodle. That way, your cab will remain nice and fresh.

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Another factor is age. While a younger dog will be with you for many years, they typically have a lot of energy and need lots of exercise. You might want to consider a slightly older dog that is mellow and content to just ride along all day. Older dogs are much more low-maintenance as well. Don’t even think about getting a young puppy unless you just love cleaning up messes.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Something else to think about is the size of your dog. A bulldog may be a great companion, but there’s no way he or she will be able to get in or out of the truck without assistance. Lifting up a 90-pound dog over and over every day probably isn’t a great idea. A smaller breed, like a Shih Tzu or a Chihuahua, might be a better option.

When deciding on a dog to spend your treks with, consider the size and age factors first and foremost. This will ensure you have many happy miles together.

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