Tool Kit for the Car! What Do You Need?

A good plan is to have maintenance and repair kit on your car, the famous toolkit. If some small problem leaves you stuck on the road or garage, you can quickly repair something alone, or at least save time to take the car to the mechanic. But what is needed for a toolkit?

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The toolbox

Start with a container that will keep all your safety items. A toolkit often works best, but the best option is a box that is waterproof and sturdy.

Basic tools

Basic tools like Phillips wrenches, adjustable screwdrivers and pliers are basic items in any kit. The pliers will tighten nuts or bolts and adjust or install clamps on hoses. You may need to have more specific keys. Combined keys are preferable than star keys.

For cleaning and organization

Keep a set of paper towels or toweling. This way, you can clear the mess left by any emergency maintenance.

Safety first

Add heavy work gloves. They will protect your hands if you move the hot components or work with liquids.

Emergency fluids

Leave at least one gallon of water, mixed with cooling solution, and one liter of engine oil in the car. Water with the right ratio will fill the cooling tank, protect it from corrosion and prevent overheating of the car. Super adhesive glues can also help a lot in quick repairs.

Electrical emergencies

Keep the jumper cables of your kit in case you need to start the battery or do the “pacifier”. You will still need help from another vehicle, but you will get the tools. An ammeter can help you know if there is electricity or not in the electrical circuit.

Night emergencies

Refill your kit with emergency flares and flashlights. If your car is stuck at night, the flames will signal a call for help or at least redirect other cars away from the danger of your stranded vehicle. The flashlight will help you find objects during emergencies at night.

First aid kit

It is good to keep a standard first aid kit in case anyone gets injured while repairing the car.

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