Tips to avoid fuel problems of your UTV/ATV

Most of the off-road vehicles require a minimum pump octane number of 87 with unleaded gasoline. It is highly advised not to use ethanol content higher than 10 percent. When you use a low-cost fuel with small octane number fuel, it will surely have more contaminants. When this contaminated fuel remains in the fuel tank for longer gaps between rides, it will varnish anything; it comes closer into contact with. is providing you some basic knowledge about furl problems regarding UTV/ATV.

Liquid performances Ethanol equalizer is the fuel additive that dramatically enhances the usability of fuel and cleans jetting. While using Octane over 87 cannot damage the engine, but it does not provide results in performance gains.

Also, make it clear that the fuel is mixed differently depending on the season. For summer fuel, your ATV/UTV needs a low Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) that transforms it into less likely to evaporate in hot weather riding and also prevents vapor lock issues. The winter fuel must have a higher RVP that increases evaporation to help the engine to start in cold weather conditions. In winters, it is also important to drain your UTV/ATV tank and refill it with fresh fuel from a high volume gas station. This makes your UTV/ATV fuel a complete winter blend. To fill the fuel system with the new winter-blended fuel, run the engine for 10-15 minutes after filling the fuel tank.

Always remember that gasoline is highly explosive and flammable under particular situations. to ensure safety during refueling follow these safety precautions:

  • Gasoline handling requires extreme caution, so always turn off your UTV/ATV engine when refueling.
  • Keep your child away from gasoline refueling or handling activities.
  • Do not overflow the gasoline tank to prevent fuel from spilling and make it fill lower than the tank neck.
  • In case of a gasoline spill on your skin or clothing, wash it off with soap and water immediately. Change the whole clothing before working again with your UTV/ATV.

Carrying fuel or other flammable liquid in your ATV/UTV is strictly prohibited, as it may lead to some severe damages, burns, or even death.

An outdoor location or a well ventilated indoor with no source of sparks or flame is perfect for refueling your ATV/UTV.

Never allow sparks or open flames in or near your ATV/UTV during refueling or gasoline storage place and don’t smoke at these places.

Some familiar UTV performance problems:

  • If your UTV/ATV engine won’t run without keeping the choke on, it means any of the essential supply jets from the starter, primary, or the enriching jet is interrupting fuel supply by being clogged.
  • When the engine idles just fine but dies out when it gets the fuel, it shows the presence of foreign matters or water in the fuel. This unwanted interference stops proper combustion of the fuel.
  • When your UTV/ATV engine refuses to reverse up as usual or shows being starved for fuel, it also indicates that one or more jets are clogged, and the engine does not get the proper fuel flow.

Follow these tips by and improve performance of your four wheeler machine.

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