The Top Upgrades for Pickup Truck Owners

Whether you have bought yourself on off-the-lot Dodge Ram or you have fixed up your older model with some used Dodge truck parts, modifying it can take your pride and joy from amazing to awesome.  Many pickup owners like to personalize their trucks, some to get improved performance and others do it to change the looks. Here are some of the top modifications truck owners do first.

Change Out the Air Intake

Who doesn’t want more speed and fuel efficiency from their truck? Adding an upgraded cold air intake to the engine can bring your speed up a few notches. The introduction of cold air into the chamber gives your engine more torque and power while consuming less fuel. An aftermarket intake add=on could increase your engine speed by up to 25 horsepower.

Install a Custom Exhaust

For some truck owners, having everyone hear you coming is the way to flaunt your baby. A custom exhaust attracts attention but it also adds to the performance of your vehicle. In addition to turning heads as you fly down the road, a custom exhaust will multiply your horsepower and increase your truck’s torque.  If you aren’t comfortable with a DIY job, most dealership service centers can install one for you.

Add a Performance Chip

With the extra power that you get from changing the intake and the exhaust, you will want to really hone in on your truck’s performance potential. With a performance chip, you can change and alter the settings to increase the capability and power of the truck to your liking. You do need to be careful, though. If you don’t install the right chip, it could void any warranty on the truck.

Convert to Off-Roading

Even if you aren’t going mudding, improving the off-road maneuverability of your truck is a real performance booster. By adding a new suspension, you can improve how well you ride both on and off the paved road. A lift kit can give your truck more clearance, making it easier to also upgrade your tires to a bigger, badder off-road system. Lift kits aren’t a simple installation, so work with a reputable installer to avoid damaging the truck.

Enforce the Brakes

Though the factory brakes will keep you safe on the road, you may want to consider high-performance brakes for your truck. If you plan to do a lot of hauling, aftermarket brakes can add more stability and safety.

You may not be want to go overboard with your truck modifications, but you have to admit that some of these adjustments will up your vehicle’s “wow” factor. Go ahead and let your truck shine.

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