The Differences Between Single And Double Axle Hire Trailers

If you’ve never hired a trailer before, you might not be aware of the difference between single and double axles. You might only know that they come at different sizes according to what you need. If you need to utilise hire trailer, you’ll need to know the difference so that you hire the one that best fits your requirements.

The Difference Between The Two 

The difference is in the name. A single axle has one axle, and a double has two. But what does that mean? For first-time trailer renters, a single axle trailer will have one set of wheels, whereas a double axle trailer will have two. Therefore, the double axle trailer is bigger than the other.

Single Axle Trailers – Pros 

Single axle trailers are the more popular option between the two. First of all, they are much more affordable to hire, because they’re smaller than double axle trailers. They have a less complicated construction and cost less to maintain because there are fewer parts to get damaged. Single axle trailers are also lighter to tow, making them again the more economical option in the long term. Therefore, with them being more affordable to buy, maintain, use and hire, they are more affordably-priced.

Single Axle Trailers – Cons

There are many pros to hiring a single axle trailer, but where does it fail? Because single axle trailers are smaller, you are limited to how much you can carry in it per trip. That means that if you’re moving, you most likely won’t be able to transport everything in one trip. Therefore, you’ll spend more time loading and unloading, making multiple trips, and more on fuel.

The tyres on single axle trailer also don’t last as long as those on double axle trailers, because two tyres are carrying all of the weight that you’re towing. Double axle trailers have four tyres, which means that the weight is distributed correctly and the wheels won’t wear out as quickly.

Double Axle Trailers – Pros 

On its own, a dual axle trailer has many pros. The obvious one to take note of is its size. If you’re transporting a significant amount from one place to another, you’ll want to know that the trailer can accommodate everything in fewer trips.

While driving on the road, and loading or unloading it, a double axle trailer is sturdier and much easier to control. Remember, because it’s much larger, and it carries a more substantial capacity, it’s essential to be safe. The double axle prevents the trailer from swaying or sliding on unsteady surfaces, like gravel.

Lastly, double axle tyres are much more straightforward to change than those on single axles. Although your rented trailer should be maintained and serviced before you fetch it, it’s good to know that if you have a disaster strike on the day of use, you could change the tyre yourself if your rental company was unavailable for roadside assistance.

Double Axle Trailers – Cons

Although a double axle trailer’s size is considered a positive, in some respects it can also be a hindrance. With its complicated construction and size, it can be challenging to manoeuvre the trailer into tight spots when you’re loading and offloading. Therefore, even though you can pack and transport more with each trip, you’ll have to consider whether the cost of it is worth the extra effort when you arrive at your destination as well as your driving and parking capabilities.

Speaking of cost, double axle trailers are more expensive than single axles, because they’re bigger and require more extensive work for maintenance and services. With most rental companies, you either pay per day or per hour. The longer it takes to offload a trailer and carry its contents further because the trailer couldn’t get close, the more you pay. Therefore, although you’re carrying bigger loads with each trip, and thus cutting down how many trips you need to make, your money could be wasted on a double axle trailer if you can’t get it through confined spaces.

There isn’t a trailer which is better than the other. Both single and double axle trailers have their advantages and disadvantages. You’ll have to determine which one would be best for you so that you hire the one that suits your needs. If you have a lot to transport, and manoeuvrability won’t be an issue, then a double axle trailer is good enough for you. However, if you know that you’ll have a hard time getting the trailer through confined areas, then a single axle trailer might be a better fit. If you’re looking for affordable and reliable trailer hire, call Auckland Vehicle Rental for quotes today.


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