The Best High Output Alternators

Are you in the market for a new high output alternator and aren’t really sure where to begin?  There are a lot of different avenues you can take to find a high quality high output alternator.  However, if you want some of that information now without all the stress of looking, you’ve come to the right place.

Powermaster Alternators

Powermaster high output alternators are ideal for adding accessories to your vehicle.  This is because the Powermaster alternator brand is a high amp unit.  The Powermaster high-amp features include:

  • 220 amps of output
  • Designed to fit GM truck engines
  • Superior output for the cooling fans
  • Solid build quality and excellent performance
  • Made in the United States and not refurbished

The cons of the Powermaster alternators are reported to be a larger price tag and may be a tight fit for some applications.

Eagle Alternators

Eagle alternators offers an alternator described as “beefy” for GM pickup trucks.  The alternator boasts being able to make all sorts of electrical accessories work in favor of your truck.  Some of these claims include adding work truck elements to help make your day more productive, adding amplification to your sound system, and adding under-chassis lights to make things cooler.

This particular alternator also includes:

  • A four-pin voltage regulator
  • A high-speed pulley
  • Reported to have a reasonable price

Some cons to these high output alternators have been reported to be that the fitting may be tight depending on application and it does not include cable upgrades.

A-Team Performance Alternators

Since an alternator is one of the first things you see after popping the hood, some auto enthusiasts may want a better looking high output alternator.  The A-Team Performance alternators offer that feature with their anodized black alternators.  They are also stated to be a great match for stealth LS engines in a GM truck or SUV.  Other features include:

  • 220 amp output
  • “Plug in play” design with a 4-pin connector
  • Perfect for vehicles with a lot of accessories

Some users have reported that the larger pulley can make the installation process more difficult.

If none of these are grabbing you, you could also look into more recent accounts of quality high output alternators.  There are many different high output alternators and brands to choose from.  However, be aware they have to work with your vehicle.

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