The Benefits of Driving a Natural Gas Vehicle in California

It used to be you had two fuel choices for your automobile, diesel or gas. As the world explores more alternative fuels your options have expanded. There are hybrid cars, fully electric cars, the occasional solar-powered car, and natural gas vehicles. NGVs are becoming increasingly popular to own and drive in California. Take a look at a few of the reasons why.

Easy Refueling

In many areas of the United States, it is difficult to refuel your NGV. If you drive for a company fleet, they are likely to have fueling stations in-house. You fuel up before you leave and again when you return and you are careful to never drive outside your limit of miles. However, LNG fueling stations California abound. You can easily drive from San Diego to Chico and find plenty of locations to refuel your car.

Low Emissions

As awareness of global warming has grown, so has concern over the role nitrogen oxide emissions play in contributing to greenhouse gasses. By driving an NGV you are doing your part to reduce those emissions. New NGV have zero or near-zero emission ratings and contribute to a community’s overall cleaner air. The results are even more dramatic if a municipality switches to LNG garbage trucks, city busses, or school busses. As these vehicles typically run on diesel, the improvement in tailpipe emissions is dramatic.

Lower Cost

Natural gas is usually about half the price of gasoline. Even if your NGV gets the same mileage as your old gas-powered car, you will enjoy substantial savings every time you fill up. Newer NGVs can often improve upon gas mileage, giving you even more bang for the buck. You’ll have less maintenance, as well. Natural gas burns cleaner, translating into fewer oil changes.

High Performance

Alternative fuel vehicles have gotten a bit of a bad rap in the automotive world due to sluggish performance on the road. Hybrids, in particular, have not been known for sporty handling or quick acceleration. NGVs are a completely different animal. Natural gas has an octane rating of 130, allowing for greater engine compression and more efficient combustion. This gives your car plenty of pep as you go cruising up the 101.

Cleaner Environment

Join with Californians as they clean up their state. By choosing an NGV for your next vehicle, you are contributing to a state-wide effort for greater health not just for now, but for California’s future.

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