Semi-truck repair

Our qualified mechanics are professionals in repairing your trucks, semi-trailers … they will take care of the maintenance of your vehicle. You can contact us whether you have a manufacturer maintenance contract or not. Whatever the contract formula you have chosen, all our technicians will be able to offer you a suitable solution.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your heavy-duty, semi-trailer or utility truck will ensure its availability and increased longevity.

Hoffmeier offers a wide range of maintenance and repair services for all your equipment, whether on a contractual basis or on a fee-for-service basis. From technical inspections to tire maintenance, our maintenance and repair service offers you great flexibility and minimizes the downtime of your vehicles.

Hoffmeier has solid expertise in the maintenance and repair of Semi-truck repair. Our processes and our qualified technicians make it possible to meet all of your maintenance needs, whether they are carried out in one of our many European workshops or on site thanks to the ever-growing number of our Semi-truck repair mobile maintenance workshops.

In our industry, the true evaluation of our services does not happen when everything is going well.

What happens when there is a problem?

Our ability to react quickly to emergency situations sets us apart from the competition. We are nimble, organized and have clear policies and procedures to get it right and to keep our customers’ vehicles running in a safe and secure manner.

Hoffmeier maintenance solutions are designed to give you maximum flexibility. Our standard maintenance rates include fixed rates for most standard maintenance operations relating to annual mandatory technical inspections, equipment checks, EBS / ABS diagnostics, and maintenance of brakes, axles, suspensions, signaling, electrical components, motors refrigerators, tail lifts or regular body repair work.

If desired, invoicing for maintenance contracts can be consolidated by fully itemized monthly invoices including cost of parts, time spent and hourly rate.

Maintenance pricing conditions may also be contractually provided for. They can, for example, be contractually harmonized across multiple sites or agreed on a volume / expenditure basis.

Transparent and flexible

The advantages of our semi-trailer maintenance and repair services:

  • Costs can be planned thanks to fixed prices
  • Increase in the availability and use of vehicles in your fleet
  • A team of certified technicians dedicated to listening to you for your maintenance and repair needs
  • Meeting all your security and compliance requirements.

What is included in our maintenance service?

  • Regulatory Technical Inspections and Controls
  • Periodic equipment check and inspections of trailer brakes, axles and bodywork based on manufacturer’s recommendations and expected annual mileage
  • Maintenance and repair management
  • Tire maintenance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Repair and damage management
  • Maintenance of the refrigeration unit
  • Checking and maintaining the tail lift

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