Importance of motorcycle GPS

If you have already decided to buy a motorcycling, maybe a folding motorcycling, you may be thinking of a supplement that will help you in moving around the city better. And put to wander, a best motorcycling gps is a gift to consider.

Just as there are portable GPS navigators for cars, among others from brands such as TomTom or Garmin, there are also portable GPS navigators for motorcycling. They are usually smaller and resistant to impacts and splashes of water, or at least have rubber covers for avoid suffering damage with falls.

GPS navigator for motorcycling: speedometer, Computer and GPS

For motorcycling, Garmin is one of the brands that have more specific products, for example as the Garmin Edge Touring. For the record, it’s not the only one: Mio, Cateye or Twonav, for example, they also have some model.

These devices are usually two in one: on the one hand they are a speedometer and on-board computer for the motorcycling, like a conventional speedometer, and on the other hand they are a GPS navigator. The screen can be monochrome or color, and work normally with rechargeable battery by USB.

As with other portable GPS navigators you have to load the maps of the country in the memory. Otherwise, they are used in an almost identical way to any GPS: a destination address is searched, the system calculates the fastest route and then gives directions until the goal is reached, while we see a map on the device’s screen.

The normal thing is that they also allow to be connected to the computer to update maps, to program and download the routes, or to download the data of a journey made, and compare like this from home if one route is faster than another, and so on.

Depending on the functions included, it is also usual to indicate the calories we have consumed. Depending on the model, the cyclist’s pulse can be monitored, and with special pedals, such as the Garmin Vector, the more complete (and expensive) models also indicate pedaling power.

The portable GPS navigators pair bicycles can be available from approximately 140 euros. The most complete and advanced can cost around 700 euros, and with special pedals a complete kit can be put at about 1,800 euros.

The low cost option: use the ‘smartphone’

If we do not want to buy a specific GPS for a motorcycling, we always have the low cost option of using our own smartphone as a GPS navigator, using a navigation application that we have installed, and with a phone support for the motorcycling.

This support allows us to safely attach our smartphone to the handlebar. These supports are usually plastic or rubber to protect the phone against shock, very useful and necessary, especially if we drop the motorcycling to the ground, something that is usually the order of the day.

There are also some type of cover, with a transparent plastic for the screen, to better protect the phone from rain or dust. The prices of the supports can vary between 10 and 30 euros approximately.

In this case we can use the typical GPS applications such as Google Maps, if for example our phone is Android, but there are also specific GPS applications for cycling routes, which usually enrich the user experience a little, some of which are free and others are paid. , but not very expensive.

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