How to Properly Clean Your Car

A spotless, clean car is a sight to behold. Car Smart offers all vehicle cleaning solutions you can possibly think of.

A good wash can make even the ugliest of cars look good. A pail with hot soapy water is not always going to do the trick.

The following advice should help you properly clean your car:

Choose an Opportune Time

When you wash your car is just as important as actually washing it. If you want your car to look spick and span, you should wash it at the best time.

Your car will not be the cleanest if you wash it while it is raining. When the sun is at its peak on a summer day is also ill advised as it may ruin your paintwork.

Mild sunlight in the morning or afternoon with a slight breeze is the most opportune time to clean your car.

Start by Cleaning the Inside

Though others may see the outside of your car, you will see the inside which is more crucial. There is also more to cleaning the inside of the vehicle than the outside.

Remove all the garbage inside the car first. Using a brush, dust the entire inside of the vehicle. Use a handheld vacuum for the dust if possible.

Then clean with soap and water where possible. The rest you should clean using a dry cloth and some wax.

Wash the Floor Mats

Most of the dirt inside your car comes from your feet. When you step on the ground, soil and mud all end up on your floor mat.

Remove all floor mats from the car and hose them down particularly if they are muddy. Wash them with soap and water using a brush and cloth on both sides then leave them to dry.

If you have carpet floor mats, you can use a carpet cleaner. Your mats will be clean and smell fresh.

Use a Dash and Trim Cleaner

The dashboard is the focal point of a driver’s view. It needs to be clean for a driver to have the ultimate driving experience.

A damp cloth will not reach everywhere when cleaning the dashboard. You need a dash and trim cleaner to clean the innermost reaches of the dashboard.

Using a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean your dash and trims since they attract dust using static energy. They also will not leave scratch marks on your dashboard.

Clean the Upholstery

One of the hardest parts of a car to clean is the upholstery. Unless you have leather seats or seat covers in your vehicle, the fabric is very difficult to clean and it can also retain a lot of bad smells.

An upholstery cleaner will help you clean your car seats’ fabric. It will also get rid of the odor so your car remains smelling fresh and new.

Do it Twice

When cleaning your car, you are bound to miss some spots, some of which may be very difficult to see. By cleaning your car and then going back again to see which areas you missed and cleaning those areas, you can have an exceptionally clean car.

If it is worth doing once, it is worth doing again just to be sure.

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