How to Prepare Your Car for Towing?

You’ll never know when you will need assistance on the road but you would want to fix the issue immediately. Having the right equipment in these situations can mean a lot and knowing what to do will save you a lot of time and money. If you don’t have someone to help you out, call a towing company and be prepared to pay a decent fee.

There are a few things you should know about these situations and how you can cut down the costs. It will depend on the type of vehicle you have and how heavy is it. In most cases, roadside assistance will handle everything but many people don’t have it so they need to look for alternatives like using different kinds of equipment.

Choose the Best Option

You can haul your car with 3 main methods including a tow bar, using a dolly and a trailer. There are some other options like using a chain, rope or strap but the main methods are more reliable and mostly used.  With these side ideas, you would need to stay in the car and steer. If that is your only option, remember to put on hazard lights.

You might consider finding City Tow Truck but everything depends on the situation and the location of the accident. If it happens on the highway, it’s much safer to call a professional who will know the best way to fix the problem. One of the easiest options would be to use a trailer which means that all four wheels will be off the ground. Every local service will have one of these but it may be pricey.

A tow dolly is a next option that will only keep off the ground your front wheels. These are great for vehicles that have front-wheel drive. Tires are wrapped in the nets or with a chain for more stability. If you are not sure if it is a four-wheel drive, remember to disconnect the driveshaft. You can also leave it in neutral if it is automatic.

The last option would be a tow bar which is more popular for RVs. It’s is the only popular method where all four wheels will be on the ground. A good thing is that they are cheaper but the car models need to be able to be hooked. This is a problem for sports cars for which you will need a trailer to tow it. Every towing company will have each piece of equipment and will use it depending on the type of vehicle.

Safety in the First Place

Safety should be in the first place so make sure you follow all the regulations. You need to have proper lighting and signs when it comes to the trailer or tow truck. Depending on the vehicle, you may use additional tools to prevent any damage like a lube pump that provides lubrication in order to prevent any damage to the transmission.

Axle-lock is a very useful device very similar to locking hubs. Instead of manually disassembling and removing the driveshaft you can use a drive shaft coupling device on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. You shouldn’t do this on your own and it’s done only on special occasions or long-distance towing so better consult with a professional. Click here to read more.

How Much It Costs?

A few factors will be included in the price like the type of towing, type of vehicle and mileage. You will also have to pay for hiring them, around $70 to &150 depending on the company and location. It’s always beneficial to find a local firm because they know the roads and will be cheaper. For the first 10 miles, it will be more expensive but after you can expect $2 to $4 per mile.

They can charge you for a hook-up fee and then count the miles or just increase the cost per mile if it is a short distance. You can also have a free option if your car insurance covers it. If there are additional problems with engine, battery or starting it, you can expect a bigger bill. You should know that jumpstarting will give the battery enough power so you can move to a safe location.

You will need to get an estimate when you make the call so some information needs to be provided like the location where it will be towed so they can calculate the distance. They will need to know the model of your car so they can see how to place it on the truck and the time of the day will matter.

A great option is you have roadside assistance which means that you pay a yearly fee for services like towing and repairs. They will range from $50 to $250 per year depending on the number of services they have and the quality. Most of them will count only for the first 100 miles so if you are relocating, you will need to pay additionally. Read more here:

Towing Tips

If you are in a hurry and you make a call without knowing the company, you should know a few things so everything will go smoothly. The main thing is to know your weights and if the truck can handle it. You might also need to haul your friend sometimes which can end up badly if you don’t know the regulations.

The weight needs to be distributed evenly and the truck needs to have proper lighting. Your tires need to be properly inflated if you don’t want to have any blowouts. Avoid sudden turns because your vehicle will act differently in these situations. There are many details you need to take care of if the company isn’t experienced.

In the case when you need to do it yourself, which rarely happens, remember that stopping distance is increased. If you have an expensive vehicle, remember to protect your transmission because it will be under a lot of stress. This service is one of the main killers of transmissions. By hiring the best in the business, you won’t have these issues.

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