How to Learn to Ride a Bike by Taking a CBT Test

Riding a motorbike is an enjoyable and fashionable new pasttime to try. Nonetheless, it can be hard to know where to receive the right training. You could learn to ride a bike by taking a CBT test. This test is simple, and will enable you to obtain the requisite skills for motorbike riding. When riding a motorbike, there are lots of regulations to observe, however you will understand these within a short timeframe.

1) CBT – What you Should Know

The UK government requires all motorbike owners to undergo a CBT course, before they ride on public roads. People who successfully complete the course receive a motorbike owner’s license. This training can be completed within a short time period, providing you are passionate about motorbike riding. The course lasts for one day, however it can go on for longer, based on how quickly you pick things up. The course is mandatory to make sure that you can ride on roads safely. Moreover, the course is designed to reduce the quantity of accidents that happen each day, because of irresponsible motorbike riders. The course has five modules that you have to go through, before you qualify.

2) CBT Course Modules

• Intro and eye test
• Training on site
• Riding on site
• Training on the road

a) Intro and eye test

This covers all the main aspects of riding a motorbike. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the highway code. Furthermore, you should have the ability to read a number plate from a twenty metre distance. In addition, you must appreciate the importance of maintaining your motorbike, and know the correct clothing to wear.

b) Training on site

Here, you will be taught how to use all the motorbike controls. You will practice using these controls, so it becomes second nature. You will practice breaking and parking your motorbike properly. Also, you find out how to perform a number of simple maintenance routines.

c) Riding on site

This module teaches you about riding a motorbike in a straightforward direction. You learn about using the brakes and how to ride in a slow and controlled way. You practice making U turns and gear changes.

d) Training on the road

This final module shows you how to ride your motorbike on the road, while using the rear view mirror for safety. Master the art of defensive riding, so you will avoid causing any accidents.

Final Thoughts

Wherever you live, it is possible to learn to ride a bike by taking a CBT test. Get in touch with Get in touch with Central London Motorcycle Training today, so you can obtain your licence and be ready to ride on the roads soon. After you qualify, it is safer to fit an ‘L’ plate to the back of your motorbike, for the initial few weeks, so other drivers will know that you are inexperienced.

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