How to Get the Best Truck Weighing Machines

Weighing Truck is very much crucial for safety reasons, taxes, road rules and profitability. As such, having the best truck scales is one of the most significant investment that the company should make. It is essential to weigh the truck before leaving it leaves the premises, and after it arrives at the destination to make sure they are not overloaded or the logistics are not misplaced on the way to the destination. To have the exact weights of the trucks, you must get the best vehicle weighing machine, which is accurate and reliable.

Many companies claim that they are manufacturing the best weighbridges; it might be tough to decide which weighing machine to buy. When it comes to purchasing a truck scale, it’s essential to understand what your requirements are. An unsuitable scale won’t give you the results you need, or maybe it can be costly for your business.

Here are some factors you must consider before buying a vehicle weighing machine:

Choose the category

The truck scales come in different configurations. There are three main categories of weighbridges you can choose from – full-length vehicle scales, single axle scales and multi-axle scales.

Full-Length Truck Scales allows you to weigh the entire truck at once, these scales best suits for the industries who charge for cargo by its weight like cement suppliers or recyclers. The single axle truck scales are portable and weigh one axle at a time and will total the weight of all the axle on one indicator. The multi-axle truck scales can weigh multiple axles along with one axle; this provides greater flexibility.

Decide the installation style

The weighbridges can either be installed in a pit-style or above the ground, before buying the truck scale, you must decide which installation style suits you the best.

The pit-style installation is a bit difficult; you need to dig a pit and install the scale under the ground to the level of the ground surface. This takes up lesser space than the above-ground foundation. However, you need to install a drainage system to avoid the damage caused by the underwater. The above-ground scales remains on the ground, these are easier to maintain and use, but they consume more space to allow the trucks to drive on to the weighing platform.

Know what makes a truck scale reliable and accurate

There are many factors which makes a weighbridge accurate and reliable; it can be the use of high-quality materials, software, or technology. For instance, scales with cell loads systems operating with quick disconnects is easier and faster to work with rather than the one which operates with cables.

Check if the truck scales are using the latest technology to maintain the accuracy as truck scales may lose efficiency over time. If you don’t pay attention to these, the scales may give overweight errors.

Good Software Solution

Every weighbridge work with the software in it, look for the software that has the features which are well suited for your business. Some of the features that software must have are compliance checking with traffic regulation system, calculating the cost, inspecting axle balance and verifying the stock balance. Buy the one which is integrated with the best data management system.

The post-purchase behaviour

Learn about the kind of maintenance the truck scales will require and whether the company you are buying from will provide these services. Choose the company which gives discounts and after sales services such as replacement of parts, timely maintenance, warranty durations.

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