How To Choose an Airport Shuttle

Finding the right ride to get to and from an airport can be a tricky thing. When you are considering a shuttle service, it is a good idea to look at which ones serve the airport and your location, what features each offers and what times you will need the ride.

Which Airport?

Chances are that you will not be able to find a universal shuttle brand for your airport, either departure or arrival, so making sure that the company you book serves the airport is the first step. Getting a shuttle from Hobby airport to Galveston, for instance, means seeing which companies serve both of those locations and starting your list there.

What Features?

Sometimes it is more about the features that the shuttle offers rather than just the ride itself. For instance, some companies offer senior or military discounts, have partnerships with hotels or cruise ship ports, or provide private car reservations in addition to busses and vans. This can help you personalize your ride as well as save money over renting a vehicle, especially if you are staying in the city for just a day or two and your hotel is within walking distance of activities.

What Times?

Unless you are chartering a private ride, your shuttle bus will have a set schedule as well as a meeting area. It is a good idea to see what that schedule is like and compare it to when your flight is scheduled to depart or arrive so that you have plenty of time. In the case of taking a shuttle between an airport and another mode of travel, such as a cruise ship or tour bus, you will also want to factor in travel time when you schedule your day.

Choosing the right airport shuttle can be relatively easy once you know which airports you will be using, the features you want in a shuttle and what times the bus runs. It can also help you better navigate the cities in your itinerary without the expense of chartering a private ride or renting your own vehicle.

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