How can Iranians rent a car in foreign countries?

Can Iranians rent food in other countries? What are the requirements for hiring a car outside Iran? Join us as we examine the requirements and documentation needed to hire a car outside of Iran.

If you are the type of person who likes to do things all the time and everywhere, including visiting different places in your destination city and country, renting a car is the ideal solution. Because passenger aircraft cannot carry automobiles to other countries, The car rental system has addressed visitors’ anxieties about having a car in the destination city and country.

To answer the issue of whether Iranians may hire a car outside of Iran, we must respond yes; however, what are the requirements and paperwork necessary to rent a car outside of Iran?

Can Iranians rent a car in Istanbul?

Driving in Istanbul is challenging. Consider the rumbling buses, honking cars, swerving taxis, rushing scooters, and unpredictable drivers. Otherwise, transit in this huge 12-million-person city would come to a standstill.

If you wish to rent a car in Istanbul, remember that this is not the best solution for everyone. To create the ideal moments with your loved ones, you only need to become familiar with the rules of renting a car in Turkey as well as the norms and regulations of driving in this nation.

You can have a memorable trip and save money by using a car rental in Turkey.

Can Iranians rent a car in Dubai?

Now we come to one of the most popular cities in the world. Car rental in Dubai is one of the most popular actions people take while traveling to this city.

While public transportation may take you to many tourist attractions, renting a car can help you save money. We are all aware that relying on public transit or even taxis to get to the most important parts of town is difficult and time-consuming, especially given the high cost of airport transfers, interstate trips, and cabs to more remote locations.

Renting a car in Dubai without a driver is one of the most convenient solutions. When renting a car without a driver, you are responsible for fulfilling all tasks and properly maintaining the vehicle.

Ways to Rent a Car for Iranians Abroad

You may hire a car both in person and online. Visit the websites of car rental companies before traveling to the destination country to discover what vehicles are available in that city by entering the name of the city as well as the date and length of the car rental. To rent a car online, you must have a passport and an international certificate with a minimum validity of one year. You must also be at least 22 years old.

There are car rental companies near airports, tourist attractions, and city centers, and if you want to hire a car in person, they will do so by producing documents and collecting a fee.

Have an international certificate

An international driver’s license is one of the prerequisites for renting a car in another country. It is simple to internationalize a certificate; if you already have one in your country, you may make it international. A one-year international license must be valid for at least 31 days, and a three-year international license must be valid for at least three years.

Before leaving, double-check that your certificate has not expired. When the international certificate’s validity expires, you must renew it at the Islamic Republic of Iran’s tourism and motoring facilities. This is why visitors choose three-year international permits over one-year ones. More than 180 nations acknowledge the international certificate.

What are the conditions for renting a car abroad for Iranians?

When renters lease a car, car rental companies obtain documentation and assurances from them so that if the vehicle is damaged during the rental period, they have the necessary documents for compensation. Of course, remember that each company’s terms and documents may differ from those of other companies. So, once you’ve chosen the right business, critically check its documents.

The general papers necessary for car rental are as follows:

·       Completing the natural and legal personal profiles

·       Providing a foreign driver’s license

·       The applicant’s original visa and passport

·       Car rental payment

·       Return the automobile with a document or cash and guarantee possible offenses


Some people prefer to travel alone, which means they may park anywhere they choose and drive at their leisure. Renting a car is the best option for this type of individual. Rentkonim Car Rental Company is now ready to meet the needs of all tourists. In Dubai, Turkey, and Iran, you may book a luxury or budget car to take you and your loved ones on a memorable adventure.

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