Home Repairs You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Home repairs can be surprisingly easy to put off doing each week until the summer is gone and the tasks become urgent. If you want your home to stay safe and sound against winter winds and spring rains, you can’t afford to ignore these home repairs.

Roof Tiles

If a roofing tile begins to curl, is torn, or breaks, you can bet water will begin infiltrating the underlayment as it enters your home. At the first sign of cracks, missing shingles, or broken tiles, check the entire roof for other potential problems. Calling a roofing specialist is the best way of catching gaps around vents, water attic stains, and damage to eaves.

Heating Repairs

Your home can last for a 100 years, but your heating and cooling system was designed to work efficiently for around 15 years. Most homeowners have the unit checked every 24 months to ensure the coils are free of dirt and the airflow is unrestricted. Call your HVAC repair Yorktown VA at the first sign of problems because repairs are less costly than replacing the whole unit.

Broken Windows

Cracks in glass panes and broken caulking around those windows allow cold air into your home during the cold winter months. Call a glass repair company to replace the panes to ensure the argon gas seal remains intact between the pieces of glass. The technicians can also re-caulk damaged window casings.

Pest Invasions

Termites, rodents, and carpenter ants are destructive creatures. From ripping through your home’s wood supports to urinating on insulation, the pests will invade your home with surprising speed. Call an exterminator at the first sign of the annoying pests.

There are certainly more home repairs to be wary of putting off, but if you take care of the list above right away, you can save hundreds of dollars. Your home will give you warning signs that it needs help if you take the time to look.

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