Guidelines to Follow in USA for Renting a Car

Every car rental companies have to follow lots of rules and they are put these on the renters. This is reason why you have to follow some rules while renting a car. And the general rules imposed by car Rentals Company are same at all the locations of USA. But some companies have harder rules and restrictions to follow. However one should know all that things before hiring a car from any of good car Rental Company.

Driver’s License

All the car rental companies require that the customers come to them hire car must have a valid license to show. One must have a driving license in the country where they claim to be resident. The license should be valid and hold the validity during the whole renting period. Along with the driver’s license the customers have to present a credit card. And the age of the driver should not be less than 25 years. As the minimum age to rent a car is 25 years, can you rent a car at 18? However some companies allow rent a car 19 or 18 years old. And usually they charge an extra fee for that. Many car rental companies ask to show your driving record along with driving license. And the divers having bad driving records can be denied to avail a rental car.

Driving Car Insurance

Insuring car when you are renting a car is one of the mandatory things. If you don’t have any car insurance policy then you have to purchase one from the car rental company. But if your own car rental insurance covers the rental car insurance, then you do not need to purchase any insurance from the car rental company. However you should verify if you own car insurance is valid for rental cars also. So do not forget to bring your copy of insurance. In case you could not manage to bring it, call your insurance agency to fax the necessary papers to the car rental agency.

No matter the case, remember you must have to provide a valid copy of your insurance paper, otherwise you are suggested to purchase it instantly.

Avoid Extra Fees

The charges of the whole process of renting car may be a bit costlier than it seemed initially. Under some government policies the car rental companies impose you extra charges that you did not expect. So to avoid extra and unfair charge you should know all the facts regarding cost of a rental car. Some car rental companies put extra charges for registering extra drivers. You better do not list another driver until it is free. Moreover you have to provide all the necessary documents for the second drives too. To install GPS may require extra burden on your pocket. There may be some other stuff increase your burden. So take the things only you need.

Knowing all the rules and company’s policy make your car renting process smooth and you will enjoy your journey.

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