Benefits of Buying Recycled or Used Auto Parts at a Salvage Yard

There are a lot of benefits of buying recycled or used auto parts at a salvage yard and the savings can amount into the thousands depending on the make, model, and part you are replacing. A lot of times, parts at a local dealership are sold at full retail value and they can be very expensive. Vehicles at a salvage yard are rare gems just waiting to be found.

Most of these vehicles have been totaled out by insurance companies and there are perfect parts on these low-mileage vehicles that were not damaged in the accident. These parts, in some cases, are practically brand-new and can be purchased at a fraction of the price that a dealership or retail auto parts store would charge.

The benefits of buying used auto parts over manufactured replacement parts can be summed up into three categories: saving resources: Buying used parts saves on natural resources and reduces our carbon footprint. Saving time: if you’re looking for used axles, good luck finding one that day at a local retail auto parts store. it must be ordered, and a salvage yard could have one ready to go in no time at all. Saving money: recycled auto parts are significantly lower and can save the average consumer hundreds of dollars.

Benefits of Installing Used Auto Parts

Used auto parts are very easy to install and some assembly is required. Most electrical components, wiring assemblies, and mounting components are ready to be installed with minimum effort. This can save a lot of money on hourly shop rates that can go up to $100 an hour in a lot of repair shops and can be done by the average person with basic tools. Places like YouTube and DIY sites are a great place to watch tutorials that explains the installation from start to finish. These used auto parts are also guaranteed to be an exact match to your make and model.

Buying used auto parts keeps plastics, steel, and other non-degradable materials on the vehicle and out of incinerators and landfills. Recycling used auto parts cuts down energy use by automotive manufacturers as well as saving precious natural resources. A lot of salvage yards are in the recycling business because they care about our carbon footprint and are leaders in the green initiative.

Plastics, Batteries, and Scrap Metal


Automotive plastics are very recyclable and can be used in myriad applications. Toxic chemicals found in batteries need to be properly disposed of and can be recycled. Wheels, body panels, and other metal parts can be reformed or melted for new use.

Drivetrains and Engines, Auto Glass, and Tires

The steel from drivetrains and engines is highly recyclable and can be remanufactured. Auto glass can be made into building materials and transformed into fiberglass. Tires are rubberized into asphalt for safe fill materials and are used for paving highways.

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