4 Ways To Customize Your RV

One of the advantages of owning an RV is making changes to reflect your style. Upgrading some of the recreational vehicle components Ontario can make your rig more comfortable, safer and can even save you money. Here are four ways to customize your RV that won’t break your budget.

Upgrade the Fixtures

A quick way to refresh the interior of your RV is to upgrade the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with new ones that are of better quality and design. These will last longer and give your kitchen and bath a more stylish appearance.

For an extra level of security, change the locks on the exterior doors and storage lockers. Consider upgrading these to a more sturdy chrome or brass product.

Install a New Showerhead

After a long day on the road, the showerhead that came with your RV probably won’t feel very soothing. Switch it out for one that offers several flow options or a massage feature.

Add Some Lights

LED string lighting makes it easy to add extra illumination wherever it’s needed. They last longer, are more energy-efficient and are better for your eyesight. It’s easy to install these yourself with double-sided tape or adhesive-backed hooks. Adding a few strings on your awning can make evenings outdoors a little more magical.

Convert to Solar

Many new RVs come equipped with solar collectors but you don’t need to trade in your older rig to take advantage of solar power. Panels are available in a variety of sizes and at several price points. You can also get a small portable solar cell specifically to charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop while you’re on the road.

By upgrading the fixtures, installing a new showerhead, adding LED lights and solar panels, your RV will feel more comfortable as you travel away from home.


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