4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Household Waste

Household waste is a big problem for the environment. Many items sit in landfills, taking up space and contaminating the surrounding soil and water for years before they fully decompose. Some never break down at all. Luckily, there are things you can do to help. Here are four simple ways you can reduce what your house sends to the local landfill each week.

1. Expand Your Recycling Efforts

Even if you are a devout recycler, making sure that every plastic container and metal can end up in the curbside bin, you may be missing out on some larger items that can also be made into something new. Many old appliances, outdoor equipment and old vehicles can be taken for scrap metal recycling Passaic County NJ where they will be kept out of a landfill.

2. Start a Compost Bin

Composting is an easy and worthwhile activity, and it is easier than you might think. Learn how to start a compost bin or pile in your yard. If you live in an apartment or an area where backyard composting is not allowed, there are safe indoor systems you can explore as well.

3. Practice Root to Stem Cooking

You can cut food waste down in other ways, too. One of those is to use more of each product you buy. Learn more about how root to stem cooking utilizes most or all of each item. For example, making stock out of bones after you prepare a ham, roast or whole chicken as a delicious base for hearty soups and stews and an excellent source of nutrients.

4. Donate Unwanted Items

Your first reaction to an unwanted item may be to toss it in the trash, but that means more stuff ending up in landfills. Instead of throwing it away, take it to a donation center. There, it can provide opportunities for others. One man’s junk is another’s treasure, after all.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to make big changes in the trash cycle. Rethinking food waste, expanding recycling and donating usable items keeps them out of landfills in useful ways.

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