3 Facts about Sight Glass

People need to be able to see what’s going on inside certain vessels in factories, but this can be difficult to do safely. One of the solutions for this is to install a sight glass. Here are three facts about sight glasses.

1. Uses

A sight glass is a type of observation window which allows people to view the processes occurring in industrial vessels such as reactors and pipes. They are used in a wide variety of industries, including fuel, water treatment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and utilities. Sight glasses tend to be most useful in industries dealing with fluids and heat in order to ensure safety, quality, temperature and pressure. They are also useful in home appliances that require liquid fuel sources, such as tractors or cars.

2. Types

Different types of sight glass are used in different industries and for different applications. If you’re monitoring pressure in a tank, you’ll want to use a sight glass window with a strong metal frame to preserve the window’s integrity. If you’re observing the consistency of a fluid throughout a process, like diesel fuel inline sight glass installations at key points in the process might be your best option.

3. Assembly

A basic sight glass looks much like a porthole on a ship. The glass viewpiece is fastened between two gaskets. There are single-pane windows, tubes and reinforced pane windows and port windows, which incorporate a lighting element. While traditionally, sight glasses have been constructed from glass, there are some industries and appliances which utilize plastic sight glasses these days. Glass is the preferred material when working with corrosive substances or high pressure or heat. Plastic may be used in home appliances such as lawnmower fuel tanks, and in less hazardous industries, such as food production.

Sight glasses are important features in the industry that allow people to observe industrial processes in a safe way.

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