3 Experimental Aircraft Considerations

Deciding to start construction amateur-built aircraft involves making decisions about every step of the process. The process of building and licensing the aircraft needs to be done in a way that satisfies all pertinent laws and regulations. They must also be stored safely when not in use.

1. Building

Before rushing out to purchase materials, it is important to carefully research existing kits and plans. There are plenty of resources available to help build your own experimental aircraft. This project will not be completed in a weekend. Some people take a year or more to complete all the necessary work before moving on to the certification process. The build process needs to be properly documented, along with photographs. Part of the inspection process will involve looking over the paperwork and pictures before approval is granted to begin test flights.

2. Licensing

All amateur-built aircraft need to be registered before flying. The Federal Aviation Administration will inspect the paperwork and the aircraft itself rigorously to determine whether or not they will issue an airworthiness certificate. Once the initial inspection is passed, test flights may commence. Only a licensed pilot may fly the aircraft, and all federal regulations need to be adhered to. After the required number of test flight hours has been completed, flying with passengers will be allowed.

3. Storage

Before deciding to build anything, it is an excellent idea to check out storage options. While some people may be able to keep their aircraft in a large garage or pole barn, others will need to find an appropriate storage facility. No matter where it is kept, it should be protected from the elements to ward off premature wear and damage. It should also be easy to get in and out of place.

With careful preparation, it is possible to build a beautiful aircraft capable of lasting for years. As long as all regulations are met, and it is maintained in proper shape it can provide hours of wonderful flying time.

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